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Thursday Session Presentations

Session 4701 Maneuvering Recovery and Return to Work Roadblocks
Session 4701 Workbook

Session 4702 Navigating Treatment Approvals and Reimbursement

Session 4703 Environmental Considerations Impacting Injury Recovery and Return to Work

Session 4704 Presentation not available

Friday Session Presentations

Session 4801 Live Orthopedic Surgery - Insights and Clinical Analysis for Knee & Shoulder Injuries

Session 4802 There’s No Future in Giving Up – A Personal Story of Recovery

Session 4803 Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Diseases & the Aging Eye

Session 4804 Optimizing Return to Work via Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Support

Session 4805 Where Are We Now? The Current State of COVID-19

Saturday Session Presentations

Session 4901 Can Pharmacogenetics Enhance Our Understanding of Opioid Use Disorder?

Session 4902 Alternatives to Pain Management

Session 4903 Exploring COVID-19 Long-Term Effects and Case Management

Session 4904 What Does that Mean? Legal Terms in a Medical World

Session 4905 Presentation not available